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Listing is for 1 (one) silkscreen.
Size: Each silkscreen has about 4in x 3in of usable design space.

How to use: To use your silkscreen, place the silk screen bright side down on your surface. I like to gently roll over mine with an acrylic roller to make sure it stays put, but don't apply too much pressure. Next, put a line of paint along one edge. For best results, use a heavy body paint in a tube. Then, spread the paint across the stencil an old credit card/ business card. I have a pack of damaged earrings cards that I use, so I was able to make those useful! Remove the silkscreen by slowly lifting it up on one side. Once I lift my silkscreen from my clay, I immediately put it in a bowl of cold water so that the paint doesn't dry and ruin the silkscreen. Make sure that the silkscreen is fully submersed in the bowl of water so that the paint on the surface does not dry and ruin it.

Be very gentle while cleaning them, I like to use COLD water and a wet soft sea sponge to clean mine. Please lay them flat to dry on a paper towel, not on your sink or countertop. Make sure to use cold water, as hot water makes acrylic paints more permanent when heated

DISCLAIMER: If you don't immediately clean your silkscreen, it can damage and ruin it. I unfortunately can't be held responsible if proper care isn't taken of the silkscreen. No refunds/replacements will be given for not taking care of them or not using them properly.

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